Modular Racks

Combination of Column & beams in different arrangements define rack. One rack is one module and add-on make racks bay with length as suited to site. Height of loading platform is adjustable as per pitched holes on columns/uprights. Different accessories on loading platform define arrangements for storing any product. Based on load application modular racks are categorized as light duty and heavy duty racks.

Light Duty Racks

CRCA Slotted angle as column & CRCA Shelf / Particle board supported on load beams as loading platform constitutes slotted angle & long span racks best suited for offices,record rooms, departmental stores etc. Specially for light loads maximum upto uniformly distributed load of 300 Kg per loading level.

Heavy Duty Racks

Cold & hot rolled stuctural sections forms upright frames to act as columns. By joining two frames with load beams or custom built loading platform to store any product in between constitutes to one module. As per volumetric limitations of the site, product movement and material handling equipment different compatible concepts are available such as Drive in-Drive out, Push Back Pallet Racking Concept, Pallet stacker crane rack etc. Best Suited for Industrial Application.