In the changing economic scenario with cutthroat competition, we need a modern, efficient & cost effective storage system as one of the most important parameters of growth. It is widely recognized that inefficient storage has an enormous impact on companies profitability. Moreover, the role played by storage systems has evolved from a multi-acre rudimentary storage of goods to a the highly comprehensive, versatile, efficient & space saving storage system; becoming a decisive factor in improving company efficiency, at the cross roads of the production flows & distribution system.

Since 1998, we are serving the industries in the field of Material Storage Solutions by providing them latest concepts with focus on minimizing wastage of Space, Inventory, Retrieval time & human effort. With continuous support of our satisfied clients we have integrated all other services relevant to automated distribution centers and warehouses and thus are able to produce everything from single source to help you stay ahead of your competition. Our solutions increase performance and flexibility, reduce response times and minimize logistics costs. The portfolio ranges from consulting services to design, implementation and lifetime support. Fast response times, reduced inventories, increased throughput and short delivery times require optimized warehouse logistics. Whether your project involves new construction, expansion or modernization, we are a strong partner for optimized logistics. Everything from one source, from planning to implementation.



After a comprehensive analysis, we plan a product-neutral logistics solution based on your current and future requirements. The goal of this phase is to create the optimal logistics solution for your needs, including degree of automation, process efficiency, ergonomics and return on investment. A comprehensive analysis is the basis for identifying potential savings, optimizing processes and implementing a cost-optimized, flexible solution concept.




We handle the design, installation and integration of logistics systems to reduce the number of interfaces and the degree of complexity. We can even construct your building to make sure it is perfectly aligned with your logistics processes and all available space is utilized optimally. One point of contact across the entire lifecycle saves time and money and minimizes risk.


From Start Up to Ramp Up

Under one roof, a perfect synchronization of different interfaces with common objective of growth relevant specifically to warehouse, is provided to our customers. Our professionals from vendor development wing have scrutinised the efficiencies to effect the best compatible & economical solutions.


The different Warehouse Interfaces are :-

This solution leads to the development of infrastructure where Pre- engineered building is provided with compatible flooring & Roofing solutions along with pipe and drainage systems as well as fire protection systems.

As per the need of customer degree of automation is fixed & then compatible solutions are provided for MATERIAL HANDLING OPERATIONS & STORAGE RACKING STRUCTURES

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS):- From inventory control, shipping and receiving, to order fulfillment, WMS is vital to improving the efficiency of a company’s warehouse operations. WMS Software packages that can be customized to fit the needs of companies of any size ,By combining a warehouse management system with a wireless network, mobile computers, AIDC-Automatic identification & data capture, RFID radio frequency identification technology, and voice picking applications, Bar-coding ,Tracking & Tracing can help fully extend your enterprise to the mobile worker, while increasing operational efficiencies and enhancing your customer service Solutions

Loading Technology along with Weighing Systems & Weigh Bridges:-

Cleaning Equipments :-
Specific machine for specific purpose to save time with more efficiency ,are available

Safety equipments , label & sign boards, cctvs as well as best human guards along with latest machines &devices are made available to provide complete safety and security solutions.

Annual maintenance contracts / consultancy/ Human Resource supplies:-
Right person at right place is the motive. Fixing down equipment AMC, Supplying trained persons for particular jobs & providing life time support through regular trainings, consultations

There are few certification bodies nationally as well as globally to fix down the warehouse performance standards. We assit and recommend these certifications & learning